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At BizPlus, our goal is to be the largest collection on the Web of - and links to - information about small business. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), there are about 21 million small businesses in America where nearly sixty percent of Americans earn their livings. Small business has consistently been the principal generator of new jobs in the country throughout recent years. If you're thinking about or just starting up a business, BizPlus has a lot to offer. We are constantly adding new information, so check back often. And if you want to put your business on the Web, BizPlus is a great place to do it!

When just starting up a business, one of the first things to ask is:
Do I really want to do it?

Should I Start a Business?
31 Most Asked Questions of the SBA
Small Business: Why?
then, many of the following must be done:
ick a Name
Sometimes, things that should be easiest seem to pose the greatest challenge. While selecting a name to represent new operations may seem simple, it can be difficult. Many parameters such as incorporation, doing business nationally or internationally, and other companies' trademarks must be considered. And, getting a "" style address on the World Wide Web presents another challenge to overcome. Check out these links for help on this and related issues.
rademark Your Name or Product
Obtaining a trademark is a lengthy process which can be quite expensive. However the level of protection afforded a business can not be overstated. After devoting considerable resources developing name recognition and customer confidence, little is more disheartening than receipt of a lawyer's letter insisting that you cease and desist due to a violation of another company's trademark. The Web has many lawyers and agents who can help! Check these links to find many of them and for further details about the trademark process.
Incorporation can have definite tax and liability protection advantages. In most states, the procedure is neither difficult nor particularly expensive. However, decisions must be made regarding what kind of corporation to form and how it should be structured. Help on the Web is bountiful, including companies that will handle incorporation in any state. Take a look at some of these links.
atent a Product
"Most inventors seek a patent to obtain the actual or potential commercial advantages that go along with the right to exclude others. Given the high cost of research and development, the opportunity to recoup these costs through commercial exploitation of the invention may be the primary justification for undertaking research in the first place." The patent process is long, tedious, and expensive. However, there is help on the Web!
evelop a Business Plan
At the very core of starting a new - or guiding an existing - small business should be a well prepared business plan. Even if it is never used externally, the process of developing a good business plan forces the entrepreneur to ask questions and evaluate key aspects that might otherwise later "blindside" the company. Of course, when/if the firm opts to seek loans or other capital investment, the business plan will play a significant role. An ample number of companies provide business plan software, templates, and examples. With the help of some of these links, creating a good business plan will be facilitated.
btain a Federal Taxpayer ID Number [buzzword: "TIN"]
The Internal Revenue Service maintains an extensive site where almost any form can be found and downloaded. A Taxpayer ID number is the corporate equivalent of a Social Security number, and is required to file tax estimates or payroll tax payments. Many banks may require this number when opening a business checking account. If you find long waits on hold distasteful, you may wish to visit this site to answer your questions before trying to call them!
btain Financing
A company needs capital to conduct business. Ofcourse, the best way to obtain it is through sales. Sometimes, though, more immediate sources are required. Start-ups often rely on family members, friends, or associates. However, once a solid financial track record can be shown, sources such as commercial loans and venture capital become available. Look here for links to venture capital and financing information available on the Web.
et-Up an Office
Office space is expensive and usually requires a sizable lease. Many startup businesses are run from the home, and today's technology makes this especially workable. Even if office space is required to receive customers, allowing employees to work at home can reduce the necessary space and boost employee morale. In either case, working at home should not be any less convenient than working in a large office. BizPlus has examined many of the necessary tools and techniques for the Virtual Office. Take a look.

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